The draft Comprehensive Plan (CP) has been developed through a community driven process in which challenges, goals, aspirations and visions for the future of the City have been addressed. Extensive public outreach was previously done in 2015 and input was gathered from residents and business owners through five public meetings, two focus groups (Arts and the Economy), and 1200 responses to a city-wide survey. From community input gathered, we were able to develop together a draft plan with conceptual images that best addresses the issues within the City brought to us by residents  and businesses to create a 20 year vision.These concepts were presented at the 6th public meeting on Monday, August 1st, the 7th public meeting on Tuesday, August 9th, both held at the library, the 8th public meeting on Tuesday, August 23rd, held at the MLK Center, the 9th public meeting on Thursday, October 6th held at the Magnolia Community/Senior Center, and the 10th public meeting on Monday, October 24th at the MLK Center.  The City and its planning consultant team would like to hear your feedback on these draft concepts in order to finalize this community based plan.

 Please find a quick synopsis of the plan here:
Please review the goals and challenges boards along with the draft conceptual images and take the  survey to provide your feedback
here. We value your input greatly and thank you for taking the time to provide it.

Directory of Recreational

and Cultural Events

The City of Long Beach has partnered withSustainable Long Islandto work on recovery and relief efforts throughout the community; discussing and implementing methods for rebuilding and revitalization, as well as increasing resiliency to future storms. The Long Beach Listens website is an informational hub for Long Beach businesses and residents; providing a channel to stay informed and have a say with ongoing projects of the City.

Senior Community Survey 

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Community feedback key to city's comprehensive plan

As reconstruction efforts continue throughout Long Beach, officials are looking to create a more resilient and economically sustainable city. They began developing an updated Comprehensive Plan earlier this year that focuses on the town’s future.

The goal of the plan, officials said, is rebuilding and sustainability, emphasizing initiatives that residents deem most important. At a public information meeting on April 28 at the Magnolia Senior Center, officials shared aspects of the updated plan with residents and solicited feedback from them on the projects they would like to see in the future.

“I’m glad they’re doing this,” said resident Rachel Miller, who came to ask about plans to build an esplanade — a walking and sitting area similar to the boardwalk — near Reynolds Channel, to beautify the north side of the city. “I hope they’re taking some of the suggestions. It’s great that they’re asking about all kids of community issues.”

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In August 2014, we hosted three public meetings exploring the possibility of adding more features to the boardwalk in an effort to make it more of a destination. Adding more attractions will not only benefit residents, but also help draw more visitors and drive traffic to local businesses, especially during the notoriously slow winter months.

What does it look like in the future?

The City of Long Beach is applying for Hazard Mitigation funding from FEMA on behalf of their residents to assist homeowners with long term solutions to mitigate against future storms....

In October 2012, the Long Beach Boardwalk was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. In early 2013, a successful series of community visioning efforts held by The City of Long Beach and Sustainable Long Island insured that the initial reconstruction of the Boardwalk was consistent with the values of  Long Beach residents. To help in the second phase of construction, we continued our efforts to identify community values to help determine specific design elements related to the ways the community will use the Boardwalk.

​​​​​​​​​ The City has worked diligently on analyzing and reviewing all public feedback on the Comprehensive Plan. We have updated the plan responding to the public feedback. The draft plan includes the consideration of all comments heard over the past three years from all outreach methods, via surveys, meetings, emails, and phone calls.

The listing of the portions of the plan that were updated can be found in the final appendix, Appendix E: Public Comment Analysis. In this appendix, it lists the comments we heard, sorted by topic, and the section that the responses or changes can be found in.

Currently, we are taking the last steps, before it is presented to the City Council. We thank all of you for working on this document with us, and making this a real community plan. The public outreach process will begin again when the zoning process begins.

A reference copy of the plan is also available to view in hard copy at: the City Clerk’s Office on the 3rd floor of City Hall (1 West Chester Street), the reference desk at the Long Beach Public Library (111 West Park Avenue), the Housing Authority Main Office (500 Center Street), and at the MLK Center (615 Riverside Boulevard).

As a requirement for the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan Update, the City must ensure compliance with the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA). The following documents have been prepared in accordance with SEQRA regulations and will assist the City in making a determination on the environmental significance of the proposed action. It is important to note that the proposed action does not include any zone changes or development proposals.

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Long Beach is getting artsy

The City Council is looking to enhance the cultural environment of Long Beach by forming a new Council for the Arts that will promote the arts throughout the community.

The City Council announced last fall that it would form the organization, a group that City Manager Jack Schnirman said had been inactive for decades. It will be tasked with advising and making recommendations to the City Council for new art programs, cultural activities and other initiatives. It will also promote the programs of the city’s 22-arts related organizations and encourage collaboration among the groups.

City officials are reviewing applicants for open spots on the nine-member council, and hope to announce the appointments soon. The group’s first meeting is tentatively set for April.

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CP/LWRP Open House Meetings

Comprehensive Plan 2018 Update

Public Information Meetings for the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program and Comprehensive Plan Update were held in April and June 2015.