NY Sandy Help

Registration is the first part of the application process for all impacted individuals, and will allow State and county officials to follow up with registrants in the coming weeks to complete full applications for assistance. Each registrant for housing and business assistance will be assigned an individual case manager at the time of follow up. Case managers will work with each registrant to determine final program eligibility and will then work side-by-side with those who are eligible throughout the entire grant process. This follow-up consultation and final determination of eligibility will occur as soon as the necessary Federal approvals have been obtained. Visit

City of Long Beach

Residential Rebuilding Assistance Program

Local Officials will be available to assist residents every Friday in August from 8 am to 5 pm on The Boardwalk at Riverside Blvd.

The City of Long Beach, In partnership with FEGS Health & Human Services, will be offering additional comprehensive residential rebuilding services with the ultimate goal of helping Long Beach residents receive the funding and resources they need and deserve.  ...more